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How to Determine if You Should Remove Your Tree?

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You currently have a tree on your backyard that does not look pleasing. How could you determine if you should remove that tree? To find out how, here are some of the assessments you can do: 

Assess the branches 

During storms or severe winds, hanging or dead branches might fall on your property and cause damage to your roof. If your trees are not growing beautifully, you should consider to prune it. Pruning can provide your tree a healthier and new look and it can also strengthen your tree. 

Examine the tree location 

Is your tree is near to your property? Is it near enough that the branches already touch your siding? If yes, then the tree could risk your siding to develop and cultivate mold. Once the tree is preventing the sun from reaching a part of your property, the interior of your home might be a breeding ground for mold, which is an expensive project to get rid of. You can also consider a tree as hazardous once its branches grow into power lines. Tree removal will certainly be worth it even if it’s slightly costly.  

Check the bark, branches, and leaves 

Tree removal might be needed since the disease could result in structural problems that include the integrity of your tree. A certified tree removal company or arborist near you can help you examine the tree and how severe the disease is consuming it. You can tell that your tree might be diseased once it looks like odd nodules, lacks veins, has discolored leaves, and when it drops leaves early. 

The disease does not only lessen the tree’s visual appeal, but they can also make the tree weak. This makes the tree more susceptible to losing limbs or falling down. In other cases, the disease can be managed and you can help stop the necessity of it being eliminated. However, once the disease is too severe, you must consider taking your tree down.  

Search for any damages  

Specific defects could take a toll on the tree and boosts the possibility of it to fall down. Even other insurances do not guarantee coverage for damage due to a falling tree since most of the insurance policies do not cover natural risks. 

Even though damaged trees are hazardous, not all of them are required to get rid of right away. Other damages could be treated to make the tree last longer. If you wish to consult your tree, it is recommended to contact an expert arborist to assess your tree’s defects, wind exposure, soil conditions, tree species, and other factors that can identify how hazardous a tree is and what are the possible dangers you can possibly get from them. Tree hazards are not always obvious and visible. Advanced analysis might be needed with the help of the arborist’s specialized techniques and tool. To prevent having tree hazards in the future before the storm comes, visit Tree Repair Murfreesboro now and set up an appointment to avail to all our tree services. 

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