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How Old Tires are Recycled

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Statistic shows that the number of cars sold all over the world is increasing. It follows that the number of tires disposed of in the landfills are increasing as well. Each vehicle that reaches the end of life contributes at least four sets of wheels for disposal. An estimated one billion tires are disposed of all over the world on a yearly basis.

Old tires filling up the landfills are already a major concern. But the problem doesn’t stop there. There are a lot of hazards associated with the huge piles of used tires in these places. If the landfill catches fire, then you can be sure that the old tires would make it very difficult for the firefighters to contain the burn. This is because tires are highly combustible materials.

How Tire Recycling Came to Be

The growing concern for tires filling up the landfills forced researchers to find ways on how to make use of them. That’s how they came up with tire recycling. Right now, the major application of old tires is for energy production. Because tires are highly combustible, researchers compared their energy output with that of coal. They found out that old tires burn more efficiently and produce cleaner air. But more importantly, rubber is sustainable while coal can be depleted.

Right now, researchers continue with their study to look for more ways to recycle tires in order to decrease the volume that ends up in the landfill every year. Different tire makers have their own ways of manufacturing tires so the concept of tire recycling is an on-going research.

How Tires are Recycled

Although every tire is different in its composition, there are a few general ways on how to get them processed. Almost every Perth tire recycling company follows the processes below in recycling tires.

1. Devulcanization

This process pertains to breaking the chemical bonds that hold the individual polymer chains together. There are different ways to break these bonds and it would depend on what types of tires are up for recycling. Some of the more popular methods utilize microwaves and ultrasound.

2. Grinding

Once the bonds are broken, the rubber becomes extracted. That’s when it is separated from all other elements and grinded. Grinding the tires reduces its size and makes it useable for a wide range of applications. Recycled rubber can be used as fillers and as material for other products that require rubber, like the sole of shoes and sandals. At this form, recycled rubber has many industrial applications.

3. Pyrolysis

This stage pertains to burning of rubber at a certain temperature to create energy. This is how rubber becomes a good alternative to coal. In this form, the recycled rubber from tires may be added to boilers for burning. The energy produced is actually cleaner than that of coal.

These are the basics of tire recycling. Judging at how it solves a lot of environmental issues, every car owner should be responsible enough to take their tires to the recycling plant or collection facility for processing.

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