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We can’t figure out immediately if someone is suffering from a dementia or even other any mental problems. It is very normal to forget things as we get our schedule so busy. There are basic to normal things that we have to consider before we testify that they are experiencing this illness. You can visit a doctor or someone who is very professional in looking for the problem. If you don’t have much time taking care of this person the Caregivers Sedona, AZ can give a hand to you to help your loved ones. But there are some common to very ordinary that will give you a clue about what he or she is suffering now.

  1. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR MEMORY FUNCTION: This is one of the most common symptoms for a person who is having a dementia. It going to be difficult for them to remember important events in their lives.
  2. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO LOOKING FOR THE SPECIFIC WORD: When a person is having a hard time having a conversation with you and they tend to forget some common words to describe what they want to say then there could be a big possibility that they are in the early stage of the disease. Sometimes, you need to wait for a longer time just to get the word that he or she wants to say.
  3. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR MOOD: It is not only about being upset or being a happy person. This will tell also that a person with dementia can be a person from being friendly and nice and even outgoing could be a shy type of person. Something that you would not expect.
  4. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO KEEPING UP THEIR INTEREST: They are not that very interested anymore when it comes to going out or doing something unlike before. Sometimes, they will change their minds abruptly and they don’t want to keep that anymore.
  5. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO FINISHING A SIMPLE TASKS: It is common that people can’t finish a certain task. But for a person with this disease, they would have a hard time finishing a simple task. For example, taking a bath or even sweeping the floor.
  6. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING THINGS DONE: They are more confused now about what things can they do.
  7. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING ALONG WITH THINGS: They would have a hard time getting what you want to say to them.
  8. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO SEARCHING FOR A DIRECTION: They don’t know how to read directions and how to follow even a simple one.
  9. HAVING TROUBLE WHEN IT COMES TO THINKING PROPERLY: They can’t figure out that they are just doing the same thing over and over again.
  10. HAVING TROUBLE ADAPTING TO WHATEVER CHANE MAY HAPPEN: They can’t identify anymore that things that happened to them. They can’t recognized the situation or even the people around him or her.

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